Future Work Awards 2018/19


We have initiated the  Future Work Awards 2018/19 with the RSA alongside their new Future Work Centre. The awards recognise the most innovative and inspiring approaches to work from around the globe, from people redesigning how to work with robots, groups of self-employed freelancers sharing their incomes, new approaches to lifelong learning and trade unions which give voice to young workers in the gig economy.

The Awards are given to organisations that are not standing still waiting for jobs to be disrupted by artificial intelligence and gig economy platforms. They are helping people create better ways to work in a flexible, frequently changing digital economy. These new solutions are emerging from all over the world. The Awards highlight opportunities to scale up approaches that allow people to marry flexibility and security in new ways.

The Awards are hosted by the RSA Future of Work Centre and sponsored by Barclays. The RSA’s partners in the venture include the Canadian impact investor Social Capital Partners and ALT/NOW, the systems innovation group which initiated the Awards in the process of its extensive research into the future of work. The Financial Times is the project’s media partner.

The Awards are open to organisations from around the world which could be charities, companies, social businesses, trade unions, cooperatives. We look for organisations that have a proven track record for addressing a real challenge that affects significant numbers of people and do so by innovating in their business model, organisational form, technology or service.

Our dedicated research team in the UK and Canada is scouring the world for examples. If you think you know an organisation that might fit the bill then simply fill in the form on the RSA Future Work Awards site. We are interested in hearing from you.

The Awards are being judged by an internationally renowned panel of business leaders, social innovators, impact investors, policy advisers and activists. The deadline for nominations is the end of September. The long list of finalists and the list of winners will be announced soon after that following the deliberations of the panel.

The Awards will be made to a relatively small number of organisations at high-profile public launch event in London. Award winners will be profiled in the extensive publicity and press coverage generated by the launch, as well as being able to display a specially designed award logo on their website and their social media presence.

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